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Here's what's included in your purchase:

  • Eight challenging, true-to-life, experiential ShadowBox exercises (SBXs) filled with Expert Feedback on critical de-escalation and use-of-force decisions.

  • A 30-min introductory video that sets the stage for your success with instructions on how the course works, course themes, and background information on decision making under pressure. 

  • Instructions and credentials for the easy-to-use and multi-platform-accessible ShadowBox App.

  • Certificate of Completion worth 8 credit hours upon successful completion of the course. 


ShadowBox training includes:

  • Experience--ShadowBox training is experiential because experience is the foundation of effective decision making under pressure.

  • Varied repetition--Repetition helps build up cognitive muscle memory and allows you to recognize different patterns and variations on patterns.

  • Feedback--Expert feedback accelerates the learning process by pointing out key lessons and insights that you otherwise might miss or mistakes and decision traps to avoid.

  • Reflection--Self-reflection about your training experience helps to consolidate the learning.


ShadowBox training is designed to be engaging.

  • No lectures or briefings.  The exercises are the training. 

  • If you're engaged, you become an active learner and the learning is more likely to stick.

  • If you're engaged, you're more likely to stick with the training regimen.

Course Info

You will be asked to provide your email address when making your purchase.  This will become your username.  
If purchasing the group course, we will contact you to receive all 10 email addresses you plan to use.  For customized orders of more than 10, please contact us

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